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Any National currency is design to be uncrackable, thanks to the use of advanced printing technology. However, some of the most prolific counterfeiters like us have nailed it with perfection. We go to excruciating length to create undetectable money for various countries including the US, Canada, Britain, China, Australia, Poland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc. Some of the key feature of our banknotes include.

  • Security thread : A plain non-readable embedded strip  visible on both sides of the note and you can see the details under the light.
  • Watermark: It represent the image of an influential person or a recognizable object in the country.
  • Micro lettering: This features can be seen with the help of magnifying glass. It usually contain the denomination value and the issuing authority.
  • Intaglio printing: Ornamented design, strong color and striking portraits are the features of this sophisticated technique. Thanks to the use of engraving technology, we produce a replica money with machine readability.
  • See-through windows: It contain the unique number that showcase the credibility of the banknote.

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