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When the first series was issued in 2002, the euro coins, the euro area currency and institutions have been in circulation. This is provided by the Euro system national central banks or the European Central Bank. The euro nearly came into being in 1999 and coins and notes started circulating in 2002. The euro soon took over the former national currencies and spread gradually across the EU. Notes range from €5 to € 500 and, in comparison to euro coins, are similar in the eurozone but are distributed and printed in different Member States. The euro banknotes are clean cotton fiber that improves the durability and the distinction between banknotes. These range from 1,20 mm to 62 mm (4,7 mm in = 2,4 mm) to 160 mm and are colored in a variety of ways. The euro notes contain many complex safety characteristics, including watermarks, invisible ink features, holograms, optically variable inks, and the validity of micropressures.

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